Johnny Cash Daddy Sang Bass Guitar Chords Lyrics Accordi Testo

      D		        D7
I remember when I was a Lad
Now I remember after work
           G		        D
Times were Hard and things were Bad
Momma would call in all of us
But there's a Silver Linin' Behind Every Cloud
You could hear us singin' for a country mile
D                               D7
Just poor People that's all we Were
Now, Little brother has done gone on,
 	         G                      D
Try'n' to make a Livin' outta blackland Dirt
On ...  But I'll    re-Join him in a           Song
D                                          A7 	     D
We'd get together in a family circle       Singin'   Loud
We'll be together again up yonder in a   Little     While

Daddy sang bass
D          D7
Momma sang Tenor
D7            G                        D
Me and little Brother would join right In there
D 			         A7/E7A7
Singin' seems to help a troubled Soul....
 A7          D		           D7
One of these Days and it won't be  Long
D7      G	       D
I'll re-Join them in a Song
D                         A7            D/G/D
I'm gonna join the family Circle at the Throne...

No the Circle
D  	 D7
Won't be Broken
D7	 G		   D/A7/D
Bye and  Bye, lord, bye and Bye
Dadd'll sing bass
D           D7
Mom'll sing Tenor
G				       D
Me and little brother will join right  In there
D                 G    A7   D
In the sky, Lord, In   The  Sky

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