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Thunder on the Mountain: Chords

Chitarra solista: Impara a suonare gli Assoli di Chitarra
Intro: MIb SIb MIb SIb SIb SIb Thunder on the mountain, and there's fires on the moon A ruckus in the alley and the sun will be here soon MIb Today's the day, SIb gonna grab my trombone and blow FA7 Well, there's hot stuff here SIb and it's everywhere I go I was thinkin' 'bout Alicia Keys, couldn't keep from crying But she was born in Hell's Kitchen, I was living down the line MIb I'm wondering where in the world SIb Alicia Keys could be FA7 I been looking for her even clear SIb through Tennessee Feel like my soul is beginning to expand Look into my heart and you will sort of understand MIb You brought me here, SIb now you're trying to run me away FA7 The writing on the wall, come read it, SIb come see what it say SIb MIb SIb FA7 SIb SIb Thunder on the mountain, rolling to the ground Gonna get up in the morning walk the hard road down MIb SIb Some sweet day I'll stand beside my king FA7 SIb I wouldn't betray your love or any other thing Gonna raise me an army, some tough sons of bitches I'll recruit my army from the orphanages MIb I been to St. Herman's church, SIb said my religious vows FA7 SIb I've sucked the milk out of a thousand cows I got the pork chops, she got the pie She ain't no angel and neither am I MIb Shame on your greed, SIb shame on your wicked schemes FA7 I'll say this, SIb I don't give a damn about your dreams Thunder on the mountain, heavy as can be Mean old twister bearing down on me MIb All the ladies in Washington SIb are scrambling to get out of town FA7 Looks like something bad gonna happen, SIb better roll your airplane down Everybody going and I want to go too Don't wanna take a chance with somebody new MIb SIb I did all I could, I did it right there and then FA7 SIb I've already confessed, no need to confess again Gonna make a lot of money, gonna go up north I'll plant and I'll harvest what the earth brings forth MIb The hammer's on the table, SIb the pitchfork's on the shelf FA7 For the love of God, SIb you ought to take pity on yourself SIb MIb SIb FA7 SIb MIb7 SIb
Chitarra solista: Impara a suonare gli Assoli di Chitarra



Thunder on the Mountain: Video

Thunder on the Mountain è un brano scritto e interpretato da Robert Allen Zimmerman, meglio conosciuto come Bob Dylan, contenuto nell'album Modern Times pubblicato nel 2006. Si tratta del trentaduesimo lavoro in studio per il cantautore del Minnesota, disco che continua il filone Blues e Rockabilly iniziato nel 1997. La canzone è la traccia d'apertura del disco, uno dei migliori esempi dello stile di cui sopra; un pezzo che riesce a regalarci la vera anima dell'entroterra statunitense.

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