The Offspring Want You Bad Guitar Chords Accordi Testo

E5, B5, A5, C#5 B5  x4



E5		                  C#5
If you could only read my mind,
You would know that things between us
           A5   Ab5	  A5	B5
Ain't right.
I know your arms are open wide,
But you're a little on the sraight side,
I can't lie.


A5    B5          C#5      E5
Your one vice, is you're too nice.
A5           B5        C#5	       B5
Come around now, can't you see?


E5  	     C#5
I want you, all tattooed,
B5	        A5   Ab5   A5   B5
I want you bad.
E5  	        C#5
Complete me, mistreat me,
B5	                A5 Ab5   A5   B5
I want you to be bad bad bad bad baaad.


If you could only read my mind,
You would know that I've been waiting,
So long.
For someone almost just like you,
But with attitude, I'm waiting,
So come on.

Get out of closed time
Put out those highlights
Come around now, can you see

I want you, in a vinyl suit,
I want you bad.
Complicated, X rated

I want you to be bad bad bad bad baaad.


B5		  A5		               E5            B5
Don't get me wrong, I know you're only being good,
B5		  A5		               E5            B
But that's what's wrong, I guess I just misunderstood.

E5, C#5, A5, Eb5, C#5, Eb5 F#5 Ab5 B5

I want you, oh tattoo
I want you bad
Complicated, X-rated
I want you bad
I mean it, I need it

I want you bad, bad, bad, bad,
Bad, bad, really really bad.

End on E5

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